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Our 4 Step Process to Filing Bankruptcy

by on 3/21/2013

At Bankruptcy Law Group, we understand that filing for bankruptcy can be a very stressful time in one’s life. In order to take as much stress off of your shoulders as possible, we have created a simple 4 step process in order to get your bankruptcy case filed.

Step 1: Free Consultation

When you contact Bankruptcy Law Group for the first time, be it via email, phone, or drop-in, our magnificent staff will offer to set up a free one-hour consultation for you with one of our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys at your earliest convenience. As an extra benefit to you, we offer evening and weekend appointments, as well.

The free consultation will be when you get to explain your entire situation to one of our experienced attorneys and they get to assess what options are available to you. They will be able to answer any questions you have and explain to you in great detail how a bankruptcy filing can help you.

After all of your questions have been answered, the attorney will quote you a fee. If you decide to retain Bankruptcy Law Group, you will then be provided with a Retainer Agreement and our Bankruptcy Packet, with each document explained to you, page-by-page.

Step 2: Document Gathering

Now that you have retained Bankruptcy Law Group and have been given the Bankruptcy Packet, you now need to gather some documents for us in order to complete the packet. The packet comes with step-by-step instructions to make the entire process as simple as possible. Once you have gathered the necessary paperwork and completed the packet, you will schedule a Doc Review appointment with our office.

Step 3: Doc Review

At the Doc Review appointment, you will bring the completed packet and the required documentation to go over with a member of our staff. This appointment generally takes one hour. We will go through each document you bring in and scan everything into our computer system. Since we will return each document back to you, you do not need to make extra copies for us.

Now we have all of the information we need in order to prepare your Bankruptcy Petition. We will schedule your final appointment and you will be on your way.

Step 4: Sign Off

The final appointment is the Sign Off appointment. Again, this appointment is generally one hour in length. You will again meet with your attorney and they will go over your entire Bankruptcy Petition with you, which can be up to 60 pages long. Any changes that need to be made to your paperwork will be made during this appointment. Once you and your attorney are satisfied with the accuracy of the information, you both will sign the Petition and your Bankruptcy case will be filed with the Court.

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