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Effective June 30th, 2020 we have closed our Reno, NV office.

04/01/2020 - A Message from our President Chad Johnson:
In March of 2010 I started Bankruptcy Law Group and Patricia Hadfield was one of the first attorneys I hired. We joked in the interview that she would give me 10 years, and she has. For the past decade she has run our Reno office, representing over 1,100 bankruptcy cases in Nevada and has successfully representing several of our clients in litigation matters. Patricia's expertise has been a great value to our firm.
Patricia has been given the opportunity to partner with another former Bankruptcy Law Group attorney in Redding, California which she decided to accept. While Patricia will be greatly missed, we are excited for her future. Due to this change, and after much consideration, I have decided to close our Reno office effective June 30th, 2020.
Here is what to expect:
Pending Chapter 13 Cases: Patricia will continue to represent all pending Chapter 13 clients until completion of their plan. Bankruptcy Law Group will continue to assist her on these cases. All contact information (email and phone) will remain the same, however you will not be able to drop items off at the Reno office as of July 1st, so contact us directly if you have documents you need us to review and we can provide mailing address info or they can be scanned and emailed in.  
Pending Chapter 7 Cases: We expect Chapter 7 cases filed on or before May 8th to be completed prior to our office closure. Do not worry, if the completion of your case is delayed beyond June 30th, Patricia, with Bankruptcy Law Group's help, will continue to represent you until your case completes.

Thanks for 10 great years Reno!