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Our Attorneys Specialize in Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Sacramento, California

Tired of the phone calls and threats from creditors? Reach out to a Sacramento Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney now.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will put an immediate end to the harassment and collection activities being used against you. Furthermore, if successful, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge all of your debt so you can enjoy a fresh financial start in Sacramento. Bankruptcy Law Group and every Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney on our staff work with clients from Sacramento, California and the surrounding area, as well as the other northern California communities like Fairfield and Redding to help obtain debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The primary goal of our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys is to provide relief, be it through stopping foreclosure, stopping repossessionstopping wage garnishments, resolving your tax debt or even delivering a non-bankruptcy solution. Our attorneys are advocates for your best interests and intent on standing up for you and your legal rights.

If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Sacramento, California, lean on the knowledge and expertise of the debt relief attorneys at Bankruptcy Law Group, PC.

Contact a Sacramento Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney online or by phone at 916-678-5000 today to take your first step to total debt relief. For your convenience, we serve Sacramento, Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Folsom and other communities in and around Sacramento.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Total Debt Relief

At Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, we help Sacramento residents put an end to repossession, creditor harassment, wage garnishments and other debt-related matters by helping them file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can look at Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a total debt wipe out. All of your unsecured debt (debt from credit cards and medical bills, for instance) will be eliminated under when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Sacramento, California. In most cases, tax debt that is more than three years old will be eliminated as well.

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not mean you will lose all of your assets. Bankruptcy is designed to give you a fresh start, and the law allows you to keep assets, which will allow you to truly receive that fresh start. Each state has its own limits on what you can keep. At Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, we are experienced in helping Sacramento area residents keep their assets while wiping out their debt via Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Something worth noting is that child support payments, newer tax debts, and civil judgments cannot be discharged through Chapter 7. If you have any questions about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, our Sacramento Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys are here for you. We can help you assess your options and determine whether Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or other debt relief options might better suit your needs.

We will guide you through all of the necessary legal steps and make the process as easy to bear as possible. We enjoy helping Sacramento area residents like you wipe the slate clean and get a fresh financial start.

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If you are overwhelmed by debt, Bankruptcy Law Group, PC is here to help. Contact us online or by phone at 916-678-5000 today to schedule a free debt relief consultation with an experienced Sacramento Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer. We hold regular office hours and are available evenings and weekends by appointment.