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The Automatic Stay

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If you are struggling with debt, it may seem as though the debt collectors hold all the cards. In fact, you have powerful federal laws at your disposal which can stop them from taking legal actions against you and from even contacting you at all.

Filing for bankruptcy creates an automatic stay — a legal injunction that legally forbids creditors from acting against you. If you would like to make the automatic stay work for you while achieving debt relief, the attorneys at Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, are here to help. We have helped numerous people throughout Roseville, California take advantage of the protections of the bankruptcy code.

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How Can the Automatic Stay Help You?

The automatic stay stops creditors in their tracks — immediately. As soon as you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the automatic stay goes into effect, barring creditors from:

Typically, the automatic stay is in effect until your bankruptcy case is resolved. In some cases involving multiple filings, the stay may be reduced in time or eliminated altogether. Our attorneys can advise you as to your rights regarding the automatic stay and help you through all stages of the bankruptcy process.

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