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Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

Who Will You Trust to Handle Your Bankruptcy?

If you are struggling with debt and have decided to file for bankruptcy, choosing a bankruptcy lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make. At Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, debt relief law is all we do. If you are searching for a bankruptcy attorney you can count on, our firm is prepared to meet your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your debt relief options. Our Roseville, California bankruptcy lawyers are here to help.

Tips for Selecting a Bankruptcy Attorney

In these harsh economic times, many law firms have decided to handle bankruptcies in addition to their other areas of law. Bankruptcy is a complex area of law, rife with pitfalls that the untrained eye may not see or understand. While some people choose to place this critical legal matter in inexperienced hands, we believe this is a mistake.

Consider what could go wrong if your bankruptcy is not handled by an experienced debt relief lawyer. Even if a bankruptcy looks simple on the surface, there could be hidden complexities that if missed, would leave you in dire financial straits.

  • In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, failing to disclose assets could derail your bankruptcy and expose you to liability. Many people who do not hire an experienced lawyer, or file with no attorney at all, may not know which assets to disclose, or may be confused about how to disclose them. An experienced lawyer can advise you of all of your rights and responsibilities, so you are protected from unnecessary risk.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcies can be especially complex. A successful outcome calls for an attorney who knows how to propose a plan to the court and can work with a bankruptcy trustee to create a plan that falls within your means. Too many people have gone into Chapter 13 bankruptcies unprepared and wound up losing property they didn't have to, or failing to make payments and thereby derailing the bankruptcy.

At Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, debt relief law is all we do. Our lawyers are well-versed in the bankruptcy process and know all the applicable California bankruptcy laws. Put your bankruptcy in the hands of a law firm that knows bankruptcy, and knows how to get results.

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