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Need Foreclosure Help in Roseville?

Roseville, California, Bankruptcy Lawyers

Foreclosure has hit hard across Roseville and surrounding areas. But if you, like so many others, are in danger of losing your home, you have legal remedies at your disposal.

At Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, we offer foreclosure help to individuals like you, who wish to get out of debt and avoid home foreclosure. With over 30 years of combined experience handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, we are prepared to handle your most critical debt relief matters.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 916-510-8060 to take your first step to stopping foreclosure and achieving total debt relief. We represent clients from Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and throughout the surrounding areas.

Stopping Foreclosure Through Bankruptcy

At Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, we have extensive experience handling Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases and helping individuals keep their homes. Filing for bankruptcy keeps creditors from foreclosing on your home. And the "automatic stay" created by bankruptcy prevents them from taking other actions against you, such as wage garnishment and repossession. In fact, they are not even allowed to make any threats or contact you at all once you have filed for bankruptcy.

When handling a foreclosure bankruptcy, it is important to not only know the legal steps to take, but when to take them. Failure to act before deadlines could cause you to forfeit your legal rights. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling these cases and will guide you through every step of the process. Helping you save your home and achieve debt relief is our number one priority.

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If you are delinquent on your mortgage payments and would like to stop foreclosure, we are here to give you foreclosure help. Contact us today online or by telephone at 916-510-8060 to schedule a free debt relief consultation with an experienced Roseville, California, bankruptcy lawyer. We hold regular office hours and are available evenings and weekends by appointment. We also have law offices in Sacramento and throughout Northern California.