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The Bankruptcy Filing Process

If you are considering bankruptcy, you may have questions and concerns about the process. How long will it take? Is there a lot of paperwork? At Bankruptcy Law Group, PC, we are here to answer your questions about the bankruptcy process and help you explore your debt relief options. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, our lawyers will work with you personally to make the process as straightforward and worry-free as possible.

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Bankruptcy Basics

When filing for bankruptcy, it is necessary to take a means test as well as a mandatory credit counseling course. You must also be prepared with information about your personal finances, including your debts, assets and income (please be prepared to show six months of pay stubs). At our firm, an experienced legal professional will guide you through these steps and the rest of the bankruptcy filing process.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically takes 90 days, from filing to completion. 30 days after filling out the paperwork in our office, we will accompany you to a meeting at the courthouse with a bankruptcy trustee. In most cases your debt will be discharged approximately 60 days after that meeting.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a repayment plan that lasts from three to five years. We will propose a payment plan, which will be considered by an appointed bankruptcy trustee. If the plan is approved, you will make monthly payment plans to the trustee, keep your property, and have your debt discharged after the payment plan is complete.

When you file for either chapter, an automatic stay is enforced by the court which stops your creditors from taking any action against you. Any harassment, garnishment, foreclosure, repossession or any other creditor action you were facing will stop. If your case is time sensitive, our attorneys are prepared to help you file in hours, provided all of your paperwork is in place.

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If you have questions or concerns about the bankruptcy process, our bankruptcy attorneys are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free debt relief consultation with a knowledgeable Roseville, California bankruptcy attorney. We hold regular office hours and are available evenings and weekends by appointment. We also speak Spanish.